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CALL FOR ENTRIES K3 Film Festival Udine from K3 Film Festival on Vimeo.

We are getting a lot of interesting works for the FVG Competition ! We cannot stop the flow of creativity that is sweeping us, your participation is very important because it definitely represents the driving force of a Festival like K3, which mainly lives thanks to the creativity of the different countries involved. So we decided to postpone the deadline to October 20th ! This means another opportunity for you to be part of this section of K3 Film Festival dedicated to Friuli Venezia Giulia, designed to bring out local excellences in a multicultural context. We look forward to your works! New deadline is October 20th. Remember that, differently from what reported in the registration form, October 20th is the new term to subscribe for the FVG Competition and that it is not required english subtitulation for this first selection. Hurry up! K3 Film Festival is coming in Udine, be part of the creative flow that will run over the city on 21st and 22nd of November, the FVG Competition is your opportunity!

To subscribe FVG competition: Chiamata per le iscrizioni 2013!

Kinoteka Autumn Film School

Autumn Film School is an international symposium of film theory, taking place each autumn in Ljubljana already since the mid eighties. In the beginning it was organized by Ekran film magazine, now it is organized by Slovenska kinoteka and K3 is happy to collaborate as a media partner. Each edition of the symposium is topical and this year it is focused on experimental cinema. Through a series of lectures and short film screenings from September 24th until 27th the following will be done:

1) Juxtaposing the already famous, renown international masters of experimental cinema (Peter Tscherkassky, Eve Heller, Daïchi Saïto) with less famous but perhaps not less interesting New Wave of Slovenian experimental filmmakers.

2) Trying to erase the difference between thinking image through theory and thinking theory through image.

3) Underlining the inherently political potential of experimental cinema, which people often dismiss as lyrical abstraction.

All screenings at the presence of the authors at
Kinoteka Ljubljana
Miklošičeva 38
1000 Ljubljana

Entry fees
Each screening: 4 EUR (2 EUR for Kinoteka members)
Lectures: for free


Tuesday, 24.9.

Retrospective – Eve Heller

Last Lost

Eve Heller, USA, 1996, 16mm, 1.37,  b/w, 14', with sound


K3 bei der Transformale 2013

Im Zuge der Transformale 2013 zeigt K3 den 3X3 Wettbewerb 2012.

Wann: Samstag, 14. September 2013, 19:30 Uhr
Wo: Art Lane Urban Art Gallery, Pfarrhofgasse 4H (Eingang über Theatergasse), Klagenfurt

Der 3X3 Wettbewerb fand 2012 das erste Mal statt. Filme aus Slowenien, Friaul-Julisch Venetien und Kärnten trafen in einem eigenen Wettbewerb aufeinander. Das Programm gibt interessante Einblicke in aktuelle filmische Strömungen des jeweiligen Landes, vereint vermeintlich Gegensätzliches im Bewegtbild und gibt einen interessanten Ausblick auf den heurigen 3X3 Wettbewerb in Udine.

→ das Programm im Detail

3X3 Nominierungen aus Kärnten

Die Jury zusammengesetzt  aus

  • Michaela Monschein - Vorsitz
    (ORF-Redakteurin, langjährige Leiterin der „Tage der deutschsprachigen Literatur")
  • Birgit Bachmann
    (Künstlerin, Kulturkino Gmünd)
  • Arno Rußegger
    (Initiator von Kino aus Kärnten, Germanistikprofessor)
  • Hans-Dieter Sihler
    (Filmkritiker, „Vater des Kärntner Alternativkinos", Lyriker)

hat folgende drei Filme für den überregionalen 3X3 Wettbewerb, der am 21. + 22. November in Udine stattfinden wird, nominiert:
(in alphabetischer Reihenfolge)

ECHO von Hans Schabus


FAMILY PORTRAIT von Birgit Scholin


POVERO PECCATORE von Gernot Fischer-Kondratovitch