K3 Film Festival 2018


Samstag, 24. November 2012, 15.00 Uhr, Parkcafé Villach


presents itself

The concept of movi-e-mento was first developed for K3 Udine. There the film project "The Lifeblood" for which 20 persons have found together, was presented as an example of collaboration. At the same time the idea and necessity of a Cinematic Center for Carinthia, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia was discussed. In order to move forward, movi-e-mento takes the next step at K3 Villach and presents itself again to the public with the development made in the meantime.

The Concept and Plan
movi-e-mento wants to make possible varied projects in the fields of cinema. Be it a workshop on analog film, be it an archive of films in a certain region, be it post-production for a specific film - just to name many diverse.
To make those projects happen movi-e-mento wants to build up an active community with real-life meetings.
Then everyone can enter a project to be validated by a to-be defined commission. If the project is accepted, it will gain all the support of movi-e-mento.

Basic steps to be taken
- creating a directory of professionals and institutions
- building up a basis of active members
- promoting next call for projects
- and above all: Find agreement on this concept!

On a long-term basis it will be crucial to develop a sustainable financing model. The aim is to avoid solely voluntary service, but quite on the contrary, to support professionalism and develop job opportunities.

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