K3 Film Festival 2018

K3 bei der Transformale

Im Zuge der Transformale 2013 zeigt K3 den 3X3 Wettbewerb 2012.

Wann: Samstag, 14. September 2013, 19:30 Uhr
Wo: Art Lane Urban Art Gallery, Pfarrhofgasse 4H (Eingang über Theatergasse), Klagenfurt

Der 3X3 Wettbewerb fand 2012 das erste Mal statt. Filme aus Slowenien, Friaul-Julisch Venetien und Kärnten trafen in einem eigenen Wettbewerb aufeinander. Das Programm gibt interessante Einblicke in aktuelle filmische Strömungen des jeweiligen Landes, vereint vermeintlich Gegensätzliches im Bewegtbild und gibt einen interessanten Ausblick auf den heurigen 3X3 Wettbewerb in Udine.

3X3 WETTBEWERB 2012 - das Programm

Die drei Nominierungen aus Friaul Julisch Venetien


Stefania Rotta | IT 2012 | 3´15´´| ohne Dialoge

The Tree of Knowledge

Cinezoique is the present era, where the cinema leaves the screens and invades all surfaces. Cinezoique is an 21 metres long installation, a trail of time, a walk through the history of film where the paths of spectators and actors cross each other.



Hemingway's Pen

Renzo Carbonera | IT 2010 | 17´
Italienisch mit englischen Untertiteln

La Penna di Hemmingway

Life can make you dependent on things and fragile - something Claudia found out when she went back to Lignano following the death of her father - whom she hadn't seen for years - and got caught up in the mystery of a pen that had once belonged to Hemingway.


Caugich's unpredictable fate

Krema, Peressutti, Sabbadini | IT 2010 | 5´20´´
Italienisch mit englischen Untertiteln

The Tree of Knowledge

The film is the tale of the grotesque and morbid self-destructive family Caugich. The four Caugich brothers living in a spartan and lonely way, in a house in the woods. Everything goes on routinely until Sergio, the youngest one, decides to leave home to pursue his dream. In the letter he left to his brothers, the young man explains his reasons and opens the curtain on the real and disturbing attitude of the family.


Die drei Nominierungen aus Slowenien


Looking through the iron curtain

Anja Medved | SLO 2010 | 22´
Slowenisch, Italienisch mit englischen Untertiteln


A border crossing that divides two cities, two states and two social systems and separates the Roman world from the Slavic one. 65 years after the war, on the 20th of December 2007 Slovenia entered the Schengen area and the town of Nova Gorica finds itself united again. The same night the border crossing that witnessed many traumatic events becomes obsolete and transforms into a point of meetings. There's a camera, a microphone, a computer and a curtain that provides some privacy to the people that come into this booth to share their memories. They come from both sides of the now erased border, bringing with them stories and pictures of times past. The memories, the fragments of the family and archive films are telling a story of their own: a story about two very different realities, cohabiting at the same time at the same place. The documentary reveals absurd stories, which are typical for border-divided areas all over the world.


Eva Petrič | SLO 2012 | 8´| without dialogue

White Box

White Box deals with space, investigating the coordinates of: who, what , when, where, why and how in relation to it to find the best means of how to create it. How to create space? This was the motivation behind White Box, to explore the landscape of space and with this confront physical space, mental space, visible space, invisible space, imaginary space, metaphorical space, all of these defined by atmosphere.



Nika Autor | SLO 2012 | 5´| without dialoque


The film is a reshot of the Joyce Wieland movie Solidarity, made in 1973, and documents workers protests in Ljubljana. It raises questions, such as: what is solidarity today, who is solidary, who with and when? Idea for the reshot of the movie emerged during current horrifying exploitation of labour, mass unemployment, impossible work conditions, restructuration of labour market and, when question of solidarity is malipulated by power structures.


Die drei Nominierungen aus Kärnten


Josef Dabernig | A 2011 | 17´11´´ | without dialogue


The former recreation home for Soviet cinematographers in the Caucasus has been repurposed to accommodate writers. But that doesn't seem to work very well. At present, only Boris Martow from Moscow, a talent from the promising times of the perestroika, is on the guest list. Amidst the faded glory of the institution for privileged artists, the poet tries to overcome his continuing creative crisis.



Fritz Ofner | A 2012 | 30´
Original mit englischen Untertiteln


"Blend" is the cut of a type of tobacco that glistens at six places in Beirut under the glowing stone of the water pipe at the film's center. "Blend" also means "mingling", "to mix". And this is precisely what happens in thirty minutes of low-key black-and-white compositions in which the portrayed talk about sports and also about Gaddafi's fortune, Arab spring and the Middle-East conflict.


Manuel Knapp | A 2012 | 14´ | without dialogue


A three-dimensional sequence is generated from raw data. The rendered sequence is projected onto the original scene in the programme, rendered again, and projected once again as a shadow map. In this final step, the rendered image is also applied as a texture on the objects in the scene. This repetition produces superimpositions of light, shadow, structure, and perspective.